Designing osCommerce

Written for version 2.2 and lower!

This eBook details the exact changes needed to turn a standard looking Oscommerce site into a site that looks a million dollars.

You'll learn a number of skills and techniques that I have found to be very effective when designing for Oscommerce.

In as little as 3 hours, you'll create this site from scratch:

Transform your osCommerce store today!

As you can see, it is substantially different to the standard Oscommerce look. And remember you can use any colours you wish and a different Logo Graphic. The possibilities are endless!

What will you learn?

This book will teach you a number of skills, amongst them;

Basic Skills

  • Remove right column from all pages
  • Add and remove extra code to allow us to give style to the Store
  • Fix Store width and align the whole Store to the center of the page

Intermediate Skills

  • Amend the Header and Footer areas to suit your design
  • Amend the InfoBox files to allow us to set style on them

Advanced Skills

  • Move the "search" InfoBox to the Header Area
  • Move the Languages flags to the Header Area
  • Make some use of .css in the stylesheet
  • Add in a colourful border on the product_info.php page

By the end of the book, you will have learned enough skills and techniques to build a great looking Store. You will also have the knowledge and confidence to apply what you have learned to enable yourself to integrate any design into an Oscommerce Store!

This eBook is no longer available - please see our Designing 2.3.1 eBook

I just wanted to send you this quick email to say "A Million Thanks!" for your "Million Dollar OSCs" eBook ... I learned more about OSC during the last couple of days "messing around" than I ever have before ... Using your excellent instructions I was easily able to fully customise a default OSC installation without even breaking a sweat ...

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