osCommerce STS - the Simple Template System Tutorial

Updated for '08 - grab your copy now!

This eBook details all of the changes needed to turn a standard looking osCommerce site into a site that is stunning - using the Simple Template System (STS).

This eBook is written for STS Version 4.5.8..

In just a few hours, you'll create this site:

Transform your osCommerce store using STS (Simple Template System)

As you can see, it is vastly different to the standard osCommerce look.

What will you learn?

  • Chapter 1
    What is osCommerce
  • Chapter 2
    What is STS
  • Chapter 3
    Download and Install osCommerce
  • Chapter 4
    Download and Install STS
  • Chapter 5
    Where to get a good looking STS Templates
  • Chapter 6
    Using the HTML layout file to give your site a "look"
  • Chapter 7
    Making further changes to enhance the "look"
  • Chapter 8
    Adding the STS Tags to our HTML Layout
  • Chapter 9
    Making the infoBoxes better looking...
  • Chapter 10
    Making the contentBoxes better looking...
  • Chapter 11
    More changes to more boxes
  • Chapter 12
    Final Tweaks!

By the end of the book, you will have learned enough skills and techniques to build a great looking Store. You will also have the knowledge and confidence to apply what you have learned to enable yourself to integrate any design into osCommerce STS Template System!

Free Bonus Files

You will receive the original HTML Layout file. Take a look at the above graphic - you can be using that site in just a few hours from now!

No longer available!

This eBook is supplied in .pdf format. The full .zip file is approximately 1000k (57 page eBook full of screenshots, code etc). Download time on Broadband should be around 60 seconds, and on dial-up around 7 minutes.

This eBook is instantly downloadable after payment is received. An email link will be sent to your Paypal address to allow you to grab the file directly from our Server.

I have just purchased your new book "osCOMM STS". WOW !! .. you have done it again another great easy to follow manual.

Whilst waiting for my printer to finish printing a hard copy .. I started to read the book on screen and already I am confident that I will be able to create a fantastic oscommerce cart.

Roy Tebbenham www.2hostawebsite.com

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