Make your osCommerce Site up to 48% faster!

This eBook details a number of code changes needed to turn your osCommerce site into a lean, mean fast loading Store.

If you can copy and paste, then you can make the changes as required! Some of the changes are for advanced users, eg how to set up MySQL caching directly on the Server, but most methods are for anyone and everyone!

Who is it for?

Everyone who would like to speed up their osCommerce Store - and surely that includes YOU!!

What will you learn?

This book will show you a number of methods;

HTML Changes

  • Small Images load faster than large images!
  • Valid HTML Code loads faster than invalid code

Admin Changes

  • Category Counts Off
  • Cache On!

Optimizing your MySQL tables

  • Adding indexes
  • SQL code supplied!

And much more! By the end of the book, you will have a faster loading osCommerce Store.

No longer available.

No longer available.

This eBook is supplied in .pdf format. It also comes with two bonus .zip files, to save you a lot of work if you would rather not make all of the code changes as required!

The full .zip file is approximately 100k (13 page eBook full of screenshots etc). Download time on Broadband should be around 10 seconds, and on dial-up around 1 minute.

This eBook is NOT instantly downloadable. A download link will be sent to your registered Paypal email address to allow you to grab the file.

I had my doubts about whether it was really possible to speed up osCommerce significantly, but as I've bought other books from you in the past (and been very happy) I thought I'd give it a go - and I'm glad I did. The difference really is noticeable, and the changes are all simple enough for a 'non-expert' like me to do.


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