Add, Edit and Delete Categories and Products in osCommerce

This Tutorial is a graphical walkthrough of how to add, edit and delete Categories and Products.

Who's this book for?

Beginners to osCommerce!

What will you learn?

This tutorial teaches the following:

  • Lesson 1: How to add a Top-Level Category
  • Lesson 2: How to add a Sub-Category
  • Lesson 3: How to add a New Product
  • Lesson 4: How to Amend a Category or Sub Category
    • deletion of Category
    • editing a Category
    • moving a Category
  • Lesson 5: How to Amend a Product
    • deletion of Product
    • editing a Product
    • moving a Product
    • copying a Product

Get It Now! It's a FREE download!

No Cost! Previously 1.99 (about $5).

This eBook is supplied in .pdf format. The full .zip file is approximately 600k. Download time on Broadband should be around 1 minute, and on dial-up around 5 minutes.

I downloaded and installed osCommerce a couple of weeks ago, and that was as far as I got. The thing is so vast I didn't know what to do next. By following the tutorial, I have got a foot in the door and my enthusiasm has been renewed. For 1.99 you are ripping yourselves off. I would recommend this as a starting point for anybody who is new to OSC. Absolutely fantastic. Once I finished it I went straight back to and ordered tutorial 2, and when that is done, I will order an ebook. Excellent value and clearly explained. Well done and thankyou!


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