How to install osCommerce

This Tutorial is a graphical walkthrough of how to create a MySQL database and user, upload, install & configure osCommerce.

Who's this book for?

Best for Beginners to osCommerce who are using a cPanel™ Host.

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What will you learn?

This tutorial teaches the following:

Chapter 1: Getting the latest osCommerce Download

  • Download osCommerce
  • Unzipping osCommerce
  • Saving osCommerce to your Hard Drive

Chapter 2: Getting your Hosting Account ready

  • Create a MySQL database and user

Chapter 3: Uploading osCommerce

  • Where to get an FTP Program for FREE
  • FTP Uploads
  • Setting Permissions

Chapter 4: Installing osCommerce

  • Using the Online Installer

Chapter 5: What's next?

  • Resetting Permissions
  • Remove the /install/ folder

Chapter 6: Adding some security

  • Security for the Admin Section

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