How to install an osCommerce Contribution/Modification

This tutorial will teach you how to choose and locate a contribution on the main osCommerce website and how to install it on your copy of osCommerce.

Who's this book for?

This tutorial will be of use to anyone who has an osCommerce store and who would like to add extra functionality using one of the hundreds of osCommerce contributions found on the main osCommerce website.

A contribution may assist with the layout and design of your store or may add extra features such as Gift Vouchers, Coupons and Discount Codes for your users or Order Editors for your administration area.

What will you learn?

This tutorial teaches the following:

Getting Started

  • Bare Essentials
  • File Organisation

Installing the Contribution

  • Which File to Download?
  • Editing Files
  • Running SQL Commands
  • Finishing Up

Appendix A: Troubleshooting

Appendix B: Common Contributions for New Stores

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