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'Designing osCommerce' Testimonials

I just wanted to send you this quick email to say "A Million Thanks!" for your "Million Dollar OSCs" eBook ... I learned more about OSC during the last couple of days "messing around" than I ever have before ... Using your excellent instructions I was easily able to fully customise a default OSC installation without even breaking a sweat ...

Your e-book made editing my version of osCommerce quite easy, and that's saying a lot considering I have no programming experience. It was simple to follow your instructions and throw in a bit of my own creativity. I was able to keep my home page, redo osCommerce and match everything up.

I think the e-book was a great start, it definitely got me well on my way...I'm very happy you wrote that book!

Always a pleasure to get your hands dirty with the code...Thanks again for creating such an incredible Book, it rocks!!!!!!!

Thanks for this. I've only just had a look at it briefly, but it looks exactly what I was looking for.

Hi, I have just downloaded the million dollars pdf. I have just finished reading through the whole thing. Congratulations on making it easy to read and follow, I know I am going to be up all night trying out the demo store. Having already installed osc2.2 some time back I now have what I need to implement some of the changes I wanted without having to spend days sifting through all the messages in the osCommerce forum.

Thanks so much for coming out with this ebook. I am not a programmer so I was lost. I followed the instructions and you can see the result at

I came across this site while I was looking for advice on how to optimise oscommerce, I was looking for tips on how to create good looking and functioning site myself as apposed to using templates. Within a week I managed to put together a site for my client that they were very happy with and even picked up some help with css. For only 10 pounds the book is a bargain, I have used dreamweaver for years and have no understanding of php coding whatsoever and I still managed to produce the site exactly as I had designed.
Liam Beale

I have now purchased all 4 of your oscommerce tutorial books – I must say how useful they are and very easy to understand. It was a painless learning process and gives me more confidence to "attack" other parts of the oscommerce code.
Roy Tebbenham

Just wanted to drop you a quick line to say thanks for the "Designing" osC book. I've just had a handover meeting with my client who is delighted with the site ... (it's not live until we finalise the SSL stuff) She is now busily populating the site with games, and I'm refining the images. Your book has helped me do more with osC than I thought possible. I'd started off trying to use the templating systems, but I've learned much more through delving through the PHP code. I've implemented most of the recommendations in your book, added some more contributions and now have an osC store I feel proud of rather than a stock osC site with a new stylesheet.
Iain Shaw

What looks set out to be a highly daunting task to redesign oscommerce has turned out to be a very enjoyable one. For only 9.99 it saves you the time of scouring around the web for tutorials that assume your already a proffesional with PHP. This book is worth every penny as it equipts you with the skill and knowledge to tackle PHP and oscommerce to bring your sites to that extra level. Those of you still using oscommerce's standard layout should definately check out this great e-book, and gain the credit your site deserve's. 10/10
Long Chung

Your Ebook has taken the mystery out of OSC design. Anyone should be able to follow the step-by-step tutorial and create a great Oscommerce website with lots of "EYE CANDY". The fail proof bonus files are a real plus but the advise to "get your hands dirty" manually editing the files will definately encourage additional modifications. With just a little imagination and the tutorial in hand I created a professional design for my site. I'm no longer intimidated by OSC. THANKS!
Glenn Parker

I found the book very informative even with a quick read of each page. It has all the information I would want and has saved me weeks or even months of searching the web and the osCommerce forum...I would be very hard pressed to find a better source for the information.
Paul Hardy

Your book is excellent, in the past 30 minutes I have installed Oscommerce, and turned it into a fully functioning store that looks the bee's knees. Ive been meaning to put together a shop for over a year now, but Osc always looked a bit daunting. Thank you for making it easier.

The thought of altering Oscommerce to change the look of the standard layout, was a little daunting. But after it was suggested to me I try Designing for Oscommerce from I read the sample and was hooked. It only cost 9.99 and have to say it's excellent value. It's very well written, so someone, like me, with only a small amount of knowledge of HTML can easily do all the necessary modifications. The bonus to how you're guided through the process is that you actually learn. After around 4 hours I managed to do a design that looks nothing like the standard OSC site.

I wanted to write and thank you for the Million Dollars ebook. The thought of customising oscommerce was a bit daunting to say the least. I honestly didn't think that I'd be able to do it, but once I started working through your book it all began to make sense. I think it's because of the way its written - simple down to earth language (no geek-speak), and everything broken down into small manageable chunks. It wasn't until I'd finished the book and looked back on my completed store that I realised just how much I'd learnt. I seemed to pick up most of it without really realising it! From now on whenever anyone asks for any advice on how to get started with oscommerce I'll point them in your direction with no hesitation.

'osCommerce STS' Testimonials

I run a site on oscommerce and have no experience with .php. I bought and have used the new ebook from AIS (Gary) at Very well written, easy to follow and in the space of a few days I have learned a great deal. A really good product and a great guy to deal with.

Hi, I just wanted to write to say that I was pleased with your STS book and found it to be clear and easy to understand. My website, doesn't look anything like an oscommerce store! Thanks again.

I have just purchased your new book "osCOMM STS". WOW !! You have done it again another great easy to follow manual. Whilst waiting for my printer to finish printing a hard copy. I started to read the book on screen and already I am confident that I will be able to create a fantastic oscommerce cart.
Roy Tebbenham

'osCommerce & Search Engines' Testimonials

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for your excellent e-book. It was straight forward and easy to understand. I implemented each of your suggestions within just a couple of hours. I got lucky and a Google spider came through a few days later. I"m already seeing results - money well spent!
John Aull

I purchased the Google ebook a couple of months back to help boost my various sites" rankings. After 2-3 weeks of having my new site submitted to Google, I now rank No. 1 for some terms and for others I am in the first 4 pages. I have also used the techniques to excellent effect on 2 other sites so I know this was not a fluke and will be continuing to implement on any new sites I build. For the 4.99 it costs, you"ll soon have made that back with your increased sales. Excellent book, well recommended, especially at a time of such uncertainty with Google"s new algorythms.
Paul B

Just wanted to drop you a little note to say the book was excellent, plenty of simple, thought provoking ideas that nobody else seems to be giving up, or just doesn't know. It's already proving itself.
Lee (eBook) is excellent for anyone trying to get their store optimized for search engines using Oscommerce application, and that"s coming from a non-Oscommerce user.

I purchased your ebook to get rankings on Google - I have tested it today after about 3 weeks and I get top ranking or at least top 6 rankings.

'Speed up osCommerce' Testimonials

I had my doubts about whether it was really possible to speed up oscommerce significantly, but as I've bought other books from you in the past (and been very happy) I thought I'd give it a go - and I'm glad I did. The difference really is noticeable and the changes are all simple enough for a 'non-expert' like me to do.

'osCommerce for the UK' Testimonials

Just wanted to say thanks for the ebook, it was just what I needed. I've spent ages trying to convert my store to the UK market, but after getting your book it took about 10mins to do it all! Having a clear reference explaining clearly what you need to change (and where) is invaluable. I now use it as a quick checksheet for each new store I build. Thanks!

'Changing & Adding Pages' Testimonials

Changing and Adding Pages was also excellent. I now see just how that aspect of OSC works and can start to customise for myself. Very easy to understand, concise and to the point: I loved it!
Sue Bailey

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Hi, I have just downloaded the million dollars pdf. I have just finished reading through the whole thing. Congratulations on making it easy to read and follow, I know I am going to be up all night trying out the demo store. Having already installed osc2.2 some time back I now have what I need to implement some of the changes I wanted without having to spend days sifting through all the messages in the osCommerce forum.

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